Aruba's Top 10 finest Restaurants

The top 10's of Aruba finest restaurants is based on the rates given by the reviewers.

The top ten's represents the view of our reviewers. This is calculated(?) real time, meaning that whenever a new review is placed by a reviewer, on of the top ten's may change right away, so be sure to check regularly.

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Real Time Top 10's

Budget Dining Rating
1 Pizza Bob's 9.1
2 The Dutch Pancakehouse 9.1
3 Salt & Pepper 6.8
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How do we get our ratings?

We've improved the way our ratings are calculated. We've listened to suggestions and critiques some of the restaurants gave us. Formerly, we simply added the numbers and divided by the total amount of reviews. This resulted in a fairly accurate representation of the quality of the restaurants. But this method had some drawbacks when our database started to grow. With the new rating system we've implemented some new algorithms that fine-tuned our calculations. We've divided the restaurants into three categories, fine, casual and budget dining. Different algorithms apply to these categories, e.g. with fine dining the food criteria weights more heavily than with casual dining. Also, only the latest reviews of a restaurant will be included in the calculation. So a bad review won't last forever, and a restaurant can recover from a former bad customer experience. To keep a fairly up-to-date top ten there should be at least one review posted in the last one hundred and twenty days for a restaurant to be included in the listing.

These and some more changes we've made has resulted into more accurate ratings of the best restaurants on the island.

Archive Top 5's

(old rating system)

2010 - Aruba's Top 5 Best Restaurants
  1. Windows on Aruba
  2. Papillon Restaurant
  3. Que Pasa?
  4. Marandi
  5. Chalet Suisse
2009 - Aruba's Top 5 Best Restaurants
  1. Yemanja Woodfired Grill
  2. The Flying Fishbone
  3. Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant
  4. Marandi
  5. Que Pasa?
2008 - Aruba's Top 5 Best Restaurants
  1. Screaming Eagle Restaurant - Lounge
  2. Sushi-Ya
  3. Marandi
  4. Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant
  5. The Flying Fishbone
2007 - Aruba's Top 5 Best Restaurants
  1. Screaming Eagle Restaurant - Lounge
  2. Passions Beach Bar & Restaurant
  3. Madame Janette
  4. The Flying Fishbone
  5. Casa Tua