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“Intimate and a unique experience ”

February 19, 2021 - posted by
We had a wonderful time. The owner was very cognizant of covid restrictions. He had a great sense of humor and we enjoyed the riddles. The goat stew was delicious. ...

“Menu was terrible”

The Restaurant at Tierra del Sol
February 14, 2021 - posted by
After reviewing the menu on, I made reservations for 8 people (2 tables of 4). After being seated and accessing the menu with our phone, we were terrible disappointed that we only had the menu from the 19th hole. We were expecting a beautiful dinner that had been experienced p...

“Not like it use to be”

Madame Janette
February 09, 2021 - posted by
This place is nothing like it use to be. The portions are way less. The onion bread not even close to how it use to be served. Plus the price are outrageous for what you get. Don't even bother anymore. Grouper, a cheaper fish is good but certainly not worth $40.00 a plate. No sal...

“Treat yourself to the best!”

Chalet Suisse
January 15, 2021 - posted by
We have been vacationing in Aruba for over 26 consecutive years and so much has changed on.the island. One thing that has remained amazingly consistent over those years, with all the changes and all the good restaurants that opened over those years Chalet Suisse has been our absolutely favorite di...

“True waste of money”

Chicken & Lobster
January 13, 2021 - posted by
Placed an order here for pickup on Friday night. Ordered the wagyu burger, the wings, and a chicken Caesar salad. I don't expect much - when you place an order just cook it - not looking for anything fancy! I arrived to the restaurant and no one to greet me with a huge line of people waiting for so...

“A must for your Aruba trip”

Old Man & The Sea Restaurant, The
December 27, 2020 - posted by
Walking into the entrance is like walking through a beautiful articulated jungle and oasis. We walked down a wooden path through twists and turns and land at this beautiful beach with tables and couches and beds set up in a clever and beautiful bohemian way. We sat on the private dock over the top o...

“My favorite spot on the island!”

Dushi Bagels & Burgers
November 19, 2020 - posted by
This is hands down my favorite spot on the island- incredible breakfast, coffee, atmosphere to sit and enjoy before the beach. Amazing dinner, with entertainment, ample outdoor seating and drinks! The people who own this restaurant are dedicated to doing things the right way, and embody so much of w...

“I have been a client since day one”

Dushi Bagels & Burgers
November 06, 2020 - posted by
I can vouch for this restaurant, good food, good service, good prices! Excellent value for your $!...

“Great experience!”

Dushi Bagels & Burgers
November 06, 2020 - posted by
Had a great time with kind personel, good food and drinks and great live music! ...

“Brilliant place”

Dushi Bagels & Burgers
November 06, 2020 - posted by
Friendly atmosphere and great food all in one place. The burgers here are delicious and the breakfasts are fantastic. Highly recommended! ...