Les Crustaces

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International, Seafood
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$35.00 - $72.00
  • Fine Dining
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Menu(s): Dinner

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Les Crustaces
The Ritz-Carlton Aruba

L.G. Smith Boulevard107
Tel: +(297) 527-2222
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Daily 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Les Crustaces

Les Crustacés offers a memorable evening of stylish sophistication, warm and knowledgeable service and culinary mastery. Taking its cue from the vivid views of the ocean from the restaurant’s dine-in terrace, the menu emphasizes delicately handled seafood dishes, locally sourced fish and a signature selection of fresh shellfish at the raw bar.

In addition to classically-prepared seafood, cocktail showcase contemporary mixology, wine and champagne.
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Mar 26, 2014 - posted by
We are delighted to be the first to review this restaurant because we were quite pleased with our experience here. Though the food, service and ambiance are excellent, it was clear that the restaurant (and most of the Ritz complex) is experiencing some early developmental issues. Upon our exit, the night we ate here, we were greeted by the New Manager of the Restaurant and had a very pleasant and candid discussion with him (we regret not getting his name). This individual was clearly out of his element and we mean that in a positive fashion. He had credentials and a resume; personality and demeanor; and abilities that clearly exceed anything that Aruba has seen and he presented a list of Restaurants that he had managed running from London to Beijing (where he had been the day before we met him). He is impeccable in his wardrobe and presence and brings a talent to Aruba that, unfortunately, Aruba may not be ready for. With all due respect to everyone, Aruba is not known for its cultural offerings - it is not and never will be a London or a Paris or a Rome or any other culturally sophisticated place and there is no way that anyone can force or develop that type of sophistication for others (somehow, with all due respect, the history of the Arawaks just does not measure up to the grandeur that is London, Paris, or Rome). We tried to be polite to the New Manager, but we were both thinking to ourselves that this person did not belong here - he had too much class and ability. Deep down we were hoping that he would take a few days to try to learn what Aruba is all about and would then seek a transfer to a place that would better appreciate his apparent skills and we mean that constructively. We believe that the Restaurant has tremendous potential but, at the same time we believe the entire Ritz concept is wasted on Aruba. The Restaurant is highly recommended for the quality of its food and the exceptional service that it gives. We hope that the New Manager will either be able to adapt to Aruba or seek a place that will better utilize his talents and skills and we mean that in the best way. If he should be present when we return next year we are sure that the Restaurant will be even that much better than it currently is and it is hard to imagine what that might be (it is hard to build on perfection - but, if anybody can do it, we are confident that the New Manager can). The place is highly recommended. The food is exceptional. The service is a step above what you generally find in Aruba and rises to the level of pampering. And, believe it or not, the prices are quite fair. We managed to leave, having had an exceptional meal including an appetizer, an entree, and dessert for $150.00 and that included a healthy tip. By all means, Go and Enjoy. We will be back next year (and hope to run into the Manager again then).
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